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From Erievally Productions Livonia, Avon & Lakeville RailRoad.
The tape is shot in digital, mastered on S-VHS and copied to VHS for VHS VCRs. The tape is narrated, 70 minutes in length, and cover the LA&L from Lakeville, NY to Genesee Junction in Chile,NY. Raw footage was shot from April 1999 to December 1999 and follows the LA&L's daily operations including both the road trains and switching operations.
If interested contact Jerry Sliker
From Erievally Productions Arcade and Attica Railroad 2000 Narrated 75 minutes from Arcade to North Java during their day to day operations. Step back in time as passengers are transported by steam and diesel engines on a 15 mile round trip from Arcade to Curriers, NY. The freight operations are covered in detail from the interchange with Norfolk Southern just West of Arcade, to the Reisdorf Bros. mill in North Java.
If interested contact Jerry Sliker
End of the Line, Rochester's Subway from Animatus Studio Rochester, NY. The story of the smallest city in America to build and abandon a subway. The story of Rochester, NY's subway is one of hope and disappointent, pride and conflict. Using archival photos and film clips, interviews and contemporary footage. "The End of the line" is a high speed ride through an American city's transit history from the days of the Erie Canal to present. Approx, 45 minutes.

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