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February 27, 2000

  • Posted 2/27/00
  • I'm looking for Bills of Ladings, Contracts, etc. between railroads and
  • circuses and carnivals traveling by rail. These documents would normally
  • state how many circus or carnival cars were hauled, whether they were
  • flat cars, stocks cars or coaches and destination.
  • Fred Heatley
  • 1922 Neely Ferry Rd.
  • Laurens, SC 29360
  • 864-575-2110 (evenings and W/E's)

  • Posted 1/9/00
  • I am willing to pay for copies of old WS tt's, documents, photos, etc.
  • I would also be interested in buying photos of Amtrak and NYC/PC/CR trains on
  • the old WS Rochester bypass, or other since-abandoned WS track.
  • All inquries will be answered.
  • Thank you.
  • Kevin Cunningham

  • Posted 8/17/99
  • Wanted: looking for Time Tables for CN and CP rail for Ontario Canada.
  • Thanks for your time.
  • You can e-mail Dale

  • Posted 3/23/99
  • Wanted: looking for photos or info. on Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway
  • for modeling projects.
  • Thanks for your time.
  • You can e-mail mark at

  • Posted 3/11/99
  • Wanted: Anything paper related to ALCO. Specification books,manuals,
  • drawings,proposals,etc.
  • John Mech E-mail:
  • Posted 2/2/99
  • Would like to trade train video's (copies), pre-recorded and home taped.
  • EARL/HAMLIM NY e-mail to

  • Posted 2/2/99
  • Wanted Southern Tier Railroading newsletter "March 1998" with the Buffalo
  • termminal and Southern Tier line map by Bill Ork.
  • Please e-mail if anyone has.
  • Dale Fravel N2LWY

  • Posted 1/15/99
  • The following magazines are wanted.
  • Railpace December 1988
  • Railpace October 1989
  • Railpace April 1989
  • Trains July 1989
  • Railnews January 1999, could not find on the news stand.

  • Please e-mail me on how much you want to depart with them.
    Thank You.
    Dale Fravel N2LWY @

  • posted 1/15/99

  • If you would like your rail photos posted under this site's "Photo's Galley"drop me some e-mail, and we will you get them displayed for all to see.
    Thank You.
    Dale Fravel N2LWY @


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